Final Train Park Ideas

The main goal for all of these pictures is improve the public space. I gathered these pictures together with the hope that each would help bring the community together.

Paul Carr, a lifelong Heights resident, civic leader and former Houston firefighter, built a 40-foot-long wooden train for children to climb on in Donovan  Park. Photo: Dave Rossman, Freelance / © 2013 Dave Rossman

Keeping with the train theme, I thought it would have been appropriate to have a mock train set up for the kids to play on.

This is an example of seating for park goers, and a small free library box for people to enjoy. The library box is meant to encourage reading among the community.

How Fun!:

The permanent hopscotch looked simple and inexpensive to make and I thought young children would enjoy it.

Jaw Dropping Playground Design :: Seriously! I'd love to have this for the kids:

Every park needs something for children to climb on, and I thought we could use reclaimed wood to create it.

DIY Tutorial Free Woodworking Plans to Build Two Benches That Transform Into a Picnic Table.:

Seating is a necessity in parks, and this one has the extra perk since it doubles as a park table.

Bird tree house:

I had an idea to make this a community project. Similar to Home Depot’s kids workshop days, there could be a day where at the local library or other community center, children could make their own bird houses and it would be set up in the park as a functional art piece.

Connect Four ~ Build a giant backyard four in a row game | Andrea's Notebook:

32 Of The Best DIY Backyard Games You Will Ever Play:

The giant connect-four and chess seems like a good way for both the parents and children to play with each other or others at the park.

Image result for basketball park

Basketball court at the park is so that kids, teens, and adults can play basketball.

A compact swing set for the backyard. Could also attach a climbing rope to one side, as well. is creative inspiration for us. Get more photo about home decor related with by looking at photos gallery at the bottom of this page. We are want to say thanks if you …:

Quite frankly, I think every park needs a swing set, and this one looks easy to set up.

Image result for public seating

Lastly, the park needs places for people to sit and be able to watch over their kids.



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