What Makes a Good Public Space?

What makes a good public space? Each public space is different, fitted to work for its own town, city, or community. However, there are some common characteristics shared between excellent public spaces.

  • pedestrians
  • accessibility
  • green open spaces
  • connected neighborhoods
  • sense of pride
  • places for people to congregate
  • a good mixture of different ages
  • engagement of activity

Pictured below is New York Public Library and Bryant Park, located in New York City, New York.


As you can see the open space is inviting to its visitors with its open space and its focus on pedestrians. The visitors pictured are engaged in conversation with each other or observation of the scenery. There is also a mixture a people of different ages, varying from a toddler, to business people, to senior citizens. My own personal preference for public spaces is the ability to easily walk to the place and find seating in order to read or engage in activities suitable for the area. This park features all of those due to its proximity to the library, seating availability, and the engagement of its patrons.


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